With failure chasing at my feet I will not be afraid to dream...

"I need this rogaine fo mah belly"

Turtleneck Poncho
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Let me tell you a bit about myself. I spend most of my time teaching at Jay's Homeschool Basement College(held on my lawn because I don't have a basement), which I founded. When not teaching, I spend time with Paron Von Doivenschnaustiker II, my fire ant. Mr. Doivenschnaustiker and I breed Chinese fighting sparrows and publish a comic with a not-so-hidden political agenda called The Adventures of Florenzo the Flying Clotheshamper and Boris the Unsalted Salted Cracker. I have many hobbies, including but not limited to, campaigning for the addition of interpretive dance to the Michigan physical education requirement, training for the olympics in speed picture hanging, selling irregular taco shells out of my garage, bathtub snorkeling, polishing furniture competitively, improving already-existing products, and distributing knockoff oven cleaner on the black market. I am also president of the Metro Detroit chapter of the Yanni Fanclub and am the driving force behind "Bump and Grind to Beethoven," a program aimed at refining morally-corrupt youth. I have an honorary doctoral degree in geriatric dentistry, but I am now studying to become a certified ham injection specialist. Currently, I reside in the country of Pick a country in the state of US states. In approximately 51.397 years, I plan to retire to the country of Brunei Darussalam on the remote island of Borneo to raise water buffalo.

Oh yeah, and I have myspace if u wanna add me leave a comment in my journal w/ your username or something.
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